Harnessing Big Data for Advertising Precision

Case Study: Uncoil Classic as a PM for a SAAS Platform.

Harnessing Big Data for Advertising Precision

The Result

Advanced Analytics Platform

Uncoil Classic delivered an advanced analytics solution that synthesized data from multiple advertising channels into a cohesive, actionable report. The application empowered users with insights for attribution, revenue tracking, and profit analysis, leading to more informed decision-making in their advertising efforts.

Data-Driven Advertising Optimization

With its AI and data science-backed models, Uncoil Classic provided targeted recommendations that helped businesses optimize their Facebook advertising strategies, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability of ad spends.

The Observed Problem

Complexity in Advertising Data Analysis

Businesses struggled to amalgamate and interpret vast amounts of data from their advertising campaigns, making it difficult to gauge performance and act on insights in a timely manner.

The Research

Understanding the Data Challenge:

Extensive research identified a gap in the market for a tool that could simplify the complexity of advertising data across channels, providing clarity and actionable insights for businesses, particularly in the realm of Facebook advertising.

In the Insights

Demand for Simplified Data Interpretation and Actionable Insights:

The market research indicated a strong need for a platform that could not only analyze complex data sets but also offer clear, actionable insights and recommendations to enhance advertising efficacy.

The Proposed 'How Might We' Statements

Simplifying Data for Strategic Decisions:

  • How might we develop a system that simplifies the interpretation of complex advertising data?

  • How might we provide clear, data-driven insights to advertisers for immediate action to optimize campaign performance?


Big Data Pipeline Implementation

The strategy centered on building a robust big data pipeline to extract, transform, and load data into Uncoil Classic. This would enable the seamless integration of data points and facilitate comprehensive reporting and insights.

Business Requirements

Accurate Tracking and Profit Analysis

Uncoil Classic needed to accurately track revenue and profits while providing granular insights into advertising spend efficiency. It required a high degree of accuracy and predictive analytics to support strategic advertising decisions.

The Solutions

Uncoil Classic's Analytical Capabilities

Uncoil Classic offered deep dives into time-series data, combining product sales information with attributed advertising spend. It provided predictive insights for ad management, such as when to pause ad sets or increase budgets, and identified top-performing products.

Things that could be improved

Expansion Beyond Facebook

While Uncoil Classic specializes in Facebook advertising insights, expanding its capabilities to include other advertising platforms could increase its market applicability and user base.

The Impact

Streamlined Advertising Strategies

Uncoil Classic's impact on the market was significant, with users experiencing improved advertising strategies, increased ROI, and a better understanding of their overall advertising performance.