Designing the brand and app for CryptoByte

Designing the brand and app for CryptoByte

Case Study: Get a glimpse into the design process of a brand, website, and app prototype.

What is CryptoByte?

CryptoByte is a cryptocurrency exchange built for specifically users who are new to cryptocurrency markets and exchanges.

The challenge

The client came to us with a vision to create a new cryptocurrency exchange. The app would be targeted at an audience consisting of specifically new users to the subject. The client requested a full iteration of our product process which included: a new brand and guidelines, wireframes of views (website, onboarding, app), and lastly Hi-Fi Mockups of the approved wireframes to handoff to a development team.

The brand process

A brief overview of the process to create a brand mark.


Design the onboarding & website

Taken from the hundreds of sketches developed in the product process.


Crafting the product starting with the layout and functions.


The final product

Fresh, Clean, Easy, The future of crypto?


A small sample of screens from within the app.


Hope you have enjoyed getting a glimpse into the product design process!