Revolutionizing E-Commerce Funnel Builders

Revolutionizing E-Commerce Funnel Builders

Case Study: The Tornado; A Designer & Developer of an Affiliate Funnel Builder

The Result

Innovative Funnel Creation Tool

Tornado transformed the landscape for marketing agencies by providing a powerful, user-friendly platform for creating dynamic, headless e-commerce D2C funnels. With its cutting-edge technology, agencies could design, edit, and manage multiple funnels with ease, resulting in a marked increase in campaign efficiency and engagement.

SEO-Optimized and High-Converting Pages

The product delivered highly optimized pages for SEO, leading to increased visibility and improved targeting via search engines and display ads. This optimization drove significant traffic and conversions, contributing to the overall success of the agencies' campaigns.

The Observed Problem

Lack of Specialized Funnel Creation Tools

Before Tornado, marketing agencies lacked specialized tools to create and manage headless e-commerce funnels effectively. There was a clear market need for a solution that could handle the complexity of funnel creation without sacrificing performance and stability.

The Research

Market Needs and Technology Gap Analysis

Research was undertaken to understand the specific needs of marketing agencies in the realm of e-commerce funnel creation. The study highlighted a technological gap in the market, which Tornado aimed to fill by providing a scalable, robust, and easy-to-use funnel builder.

In the Insights

Demand for Customization and Scalability

Agencies required a tool that could not only generate multiple funnel variants but also scale with their clients' growing demands. The insights pointed toward a need for a hierarchy-based system that could inherit data and content across different funnel layers.

The Proposed 'How Might We' Statements

Enhancing Funnel Building Experience

  • How might we design a funnel builder that empowers agencies with the flexibility to create and customize without compromising on performance?

  • How might we ensure that each funnel page is optimized for maximum engagement and conversion?


Headless E-Commerce Funnel Builder Development

The strategic focus was to develop a first-of-its-kind headless funnel builder tailored for marketing agencies. The strategy included the development of pre-designed templates, a hierarchical data system, and optimization for high traffic performance.

Business Requirements

Performance, Stability, and User Interface

Tornado was required to support high levels of customer engagement while maintaining performance and stability. Additionally, the user interface needed to be intuitive, allowing for easy edits and optimizations at various levels of the funnel hierarchy.

The Solutions

Tornado Platform Functionality

The Tornado platform offered a range of features including predefined templates, a streamlined UI for editing pages within funnels, and a robust tracking system to ensure precise attribution of customer conversions up to the checkout stage.

Things that could be improved

Integration of Checkout Process

While Tornado excelled in funnel creation, the inclusion of an integrated checkout process could further streamline the customer journey and improve conversion tracking.

The Impact

E-Commerce Funnel Efficiency

Tornado's introduction to the market significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of e-commerce funnels. Its ability to generate SEO-optimized pages enhanced agencies' advertising strategies, leading to better-targeted campaigns and increased conversions.